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Welcome to Shared EDA

Shared EDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthen the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) ecosystem. The organization licenses EDA tools and coordinates relevant trainings, workshops, transfer of knowledge and sharing of semiconductor IP.

EDA tools users

Shared EDA makes EDA tools and Intellectual Property (IP) libraries affordable for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and start-ups in the field of electronic design. More importantly, Shared EDA offers unique flexible license conditions that allow affiliated companies to respond effectively to changing tools needs. Read more here.

EDA tools vendors

Shared EDA offers EDA tools vendors a converging business model that caters to the demanding needs of today’s electronic design companies. Mentor Graphics is the first big EDA vendor that makes virtually all their tools available through Shared EDA at unique flexible terms of use. Read more here.

What our clients say

Shared EDA changed the game of licensing EDA tools. Read the difference this makes for our clients here.

What our vendors say

See how our suppliers experience Shared EDA here.

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