Frequently Asked Questionsabout Shared EDA

Frequently Asked Questionsabout Ansys

Frequently Asked Questionsabout Shared EDA

FAQ Shared EDA

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What is Shared EDA?

Shared EDA is an independent organization dedicated to strengthen the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) ecosystem. The organization licenses EDA tools and coordinates relevant trainings, workshops, transfer of knowledge and sharing of semiconductor IP.

Who can join Shared EDA?

Any organization involved in Electronic Design Automation can apply for joining our network. This includes EDA tools users, EDA tools vendors and anybody else having an interest in EDA.

How to join Shared EDA?

If your organization is interested in joining Shared EDA, please contact us via this website, by phone or by email.

What are the costs for joining Shared EDA?

Shared EDA licences do not ask other fees than licensing fees and, when required, consulting fees. All fees


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Frequently Asked Questionsabout Ansys

FAQ Ansys

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Purchasing questions

How do I order Ansys products via Shared EDA?

In order to purchase Ansys products via Shared EDA you contact Shared EDA. You enter into a sub-license agreement with Shared EDA and throughout the year you can order Ansys products by sending a purchase order to Shared EDA.

Which Ansys products are available via Shared EDA?

Shared EDA sub-licenses 2 bundles of tools of Ansys: the Structural and Fluids Bundle and the Electromagnetics Bundle. We have price lists available for our Start-up Programme (single price for full bundle per year) and for sharing licenses.

Please contact us to check availability and pricing.

What is the price of Ansys tools via Shared EDA?

Every year Shared EDA negotiates a very competitive price for its collective clients. Shared EDA uses fixed price lists and offers transparent pricing. This means that you do not have to negotiate a discount yourself. Clients of Shared EDA pay the same competitive price for the same tool. Shared EDA clients may reduce the costs of their EDA tools significantly by purchasing (some) tools collectively and by sharing these tools, or by qualifying for the start-up programme. Please contact us if you are interested in talking prices with Shared EDA.

What is the lead time for ordering licenses?

Shared EDA can deliver your order within five business days, and typically even faster. This allows your company to quickly adapt your set of EDA tools to your latest project needs.

Are there any other costs?

Next to licenses, Shared EDA offers e-leranig and other services. These may incur additional fees. Such fees is paid only when the services is actually purchased.

What license term do I have to commit to?

All licences and all packages such as the start-up package have a duration of one year.

Can any organization license Ansys products through Shared EDA?

Yes, any organisation can order products through Shared EDA. Any company that complies with the European SME definition and has its headquarters located in the Benelux countries, can purchase Shared Ansys licences via Shared EDA. If your organization qualifies as a start-up, the start-up package conditions become available.

Tools usage questions

What does sharing EDA tools mean?

Shared EDA allows its clients to share licenses for Ansys products with a number of other Shared EDA clients. This means that multiple clients jointly purchase a single license and share the costs for this license. In this way a company has uninterrupted access to advanced tools at only a fraction of the regular price. This kind of sharing works best with non-interactive tools (for example: Ansys SIWave). Clients are also free to share interactive tools together, if the planning of their projects permits this kind of sharing.

Sharing allows companies to reduce their EDA tools costs significantly, while having the tools available all the time.

How is license sharing implemented?

The Ansys licenses that you obtain via Shared EDA reside on Shared EDA’s cloud based license servers. Shared EDA users of Ansys products all use the same license servers. When (a feature) of a tool needs a license, this license is fetched from Shared EDA’s cloud based license servers. This differs from the traditional situation, in which your own licenses would reside on your own in-house license server.

Can others access my designs or know-how?

The actual Ansys software tools run normally at your own site(s). Only the license to activate a (feature of) a tool is fetched from Shared EDA’s cloud based license servers. The actual Ansys EDA tools are installed and reside on your own servers and workstations, behind your own firewall(s). There is no additional risk that others can get access to your designs or know-how.

In which region am I allowed to use my Ansys tools?

Ansys licenses of Shared EDA are geographic floating licenses that may be used at any site in Europe that your organization might have.

Support related questions

How do I get support for my Ansys tools?

You will receive full technical support directly from Ansys.

Ansys support

Ansys Support

If you license products from Ansys via Shared EDA, you will receive full technical support for those products directly from Ansys. Additionally there is the Ansys Learning Hub that provides you with access to live and recorded learning sessions and materials.

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