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Shared EDA appoints new CEO
June 20, 2016



Shared EDA appoints new CEO

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, June 20, 2016 – Christiaan van der Sluijs has been appointed as CEO of Shared EDA Licenties BV.

Shared EDA is an industry association dedicated to strengthen the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) ecosystem. Shared EDA founded a subsidiary company named ‘Shared EDA Licenties BV’, which enables electronic design companies to purchase EDA tools collectively at favorable pricing and with unrivaled flexible usage conditions. Electronic design companies from all over the Benelux purchase their EDA tools collectively via Shared EDA.

Shared EDA has now appointed Christiaan van der Sluijs as the new CEO of Shared EDA Licenties BV. Christiaan has over 16 years of management experience, including 6 years as CEO and Founder of HAWK-ICS, a software company focusing on the financial industry. Christiaan started his career in the semiconductor industry and as a consultant he quickly became familiar with various companies and technologies. In his international career, he excelled in changing the organizations to stay ahead of the game. Theo Muys, Chairman of the Board of Shared EDA, said that “Christiaan has both the knowledge and the experience to bring Shared EDA to the next level.”

Christiaan succeeds Paul Heysters, who led Shared EDA Licenties BV for the last three years. Paul completed his objective to set-up and streamline the organization for further growth. As a Member of the Board, Paul has been involved in Shared EDA since the Shared EDA’s early beginnings. Theo Muys: “Paul has done an excellent job establishing and growing Shared EDA Licenties BV and we thank him for his devotion and admirable accomplishments.”


About Shared EDA

Shared EDA licenses first-class Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and Intellectual Property (IP) libraries to electronic design companies at the best price and under the best license conditions. Shared EDA is a non-profit organization that is not biased towards any specific tools vendor. Shared EDA is committed to strengthening the EDA ecosystem and EDA user community.
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Shared EDA

Novio Tech Campus, Building M, Transistorweg 5, 6534 AT, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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